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Peter Joore for De Vlaardinger on the EP 'Life Is Good'

(translated from Dutch)

SilverPocketsFull.Musictolisten to.Andagain.Andagain. Then... ifyou love travelin’through musica comfortableband thatreminds you ofdeserts,high temperatures anda touch ofmasochism.With an acoustic mindset listening topolyphonicharmonies andbeautiful melodies, you imagine yourself in CSNY, thinking of the Allman Brothersor dreaming awaywiththeJayhawks.....

In August 2014 - not the most prominent Indian Summer - Erwin Mossel (guitar), Edwin Dortland (guitar), Freerk van Oudheusden (bass) and Fred Langhorst (drums)  friendly grabbed each other by the musical throat.  The 70s were revived. With Vlaardingen as restored crib. Call it Americana. Call it Schelvisana. A chewed formula? Certainly not. This revaluation still tastes just as fresh as nearly five decades ago.

Now that the first songs are ready and the playing gets the character it deserves, it is time for a complete CD. An album that pleasantly ripples, keeping the waves down on an air mattress, and connecting rock and soul to the musicality of today.

The Vlaardinger- avowed fan of King Crimson- was listening toLife is Good(EP) andspontaneouslydreamedofhighballglasses,ice coldbeerandatightdressed, on high-heeled pumps paradingvamp.Pleasant andatreplayworth every penny, unfolding historyasa surprisingrepetitionofmusic which has neverpreviouslybeen playedthis way.

Joey Huisman for Popunie  on the EP 'Life Is Good' 

(translated from Dutch)

The best music is made under the influence of strong emotions: intense happiness, heartbreaking grief, that kind of work. Records that are made in this way often give listeners a glimpse into the soul of a musician.

On the debut-EP Life Is Good we don’t get to look into the soul of the members of Silver Pockets Full. That’s a pity, but thankfully the three very well produced tracks are still more than worth listening.

Silver Pockets Full is active only since August 2014, although the four members have already played in several other formations. After the release of this debut (about a half year after they’d started) the men are working on their first full album. Productive bunch.

The band initially started writing acoustic songs, which were later converted to full-band tracks. And that quiet approach is still found in their music, which is carefully constructed and sounds crystal clear. The foursome makes popsongs, patched with americana. Across that strong polyphonic vocals are heard.

Those qualities are best appreciated in the opening track Heavy Kind Of Soul, a song with passionate and strong vocals. The two other songs, Life Is Good and Red Wine also work out great for almost every detail (beautiful choruses, strong guitarparts), but lack the raw emotion that includes the first song though.

It is obvious they’ve got talent, and most certain they’ve got the technical skills, but Silver Pockets Full to my opinion could get a little rougher on the edges. A glance into the soul, otherwise there’s a middle of the road sound in wait.

Joey Huisman is a freelance popjournalist. He writes for OOR, Festivalinfo, 3voor12 Zuid-Holland and Popunie

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