On our new album Stay Close five strong new songs tell the story of the sacrifice for love. Choices we all make, turning points in our lives, points of no return, or… maybe there will come a day…  These songs, along with other new material, form the backbone of a new tour through clubs, cafés, festivals, radio shows and living rooms.


Escapism. Impatience. Overconfidence. Perfectionism. Death. Panic attacks. Despression. Separation anxiety. The themes of the songs of Silver Pockets Full predict a moody evening. Nothing is less true. Our indie pop wraps its message in fresh melodies and catchy choruses, soulfully and feel-good. Our shows are always positive and energetic. With striking lyrics and incisive music, somewhere between Counting Crows, Racoon and John Mayer the band gets under your skin and continues to grow there.


Erik van der Vlis

Keys, Vocals

Freerk van Oudheusden

Bass, Vocals
Silver Pockets Full tijdens Zomerterras 2018

Edwin Dortland

Lead vocals, Acoustic Guitars

Roger Verbeek

Electric guitars

Fred Langhorst