1. Setting Things on Fire

2. Spinning Around

3. Soothe Your Soul

4. Stay Close

5. Way You Love

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About Album

All lyrics, music and artwork © Silver Pockets Full

Engineering, recording, mixing, artwork & production by Silver Pockets Full

Mastering by Jeffrey de Gans @ DaGoose Mastering


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Release Date: december 21, 2018

Available Lyrics

Setting Things on Fire

The secrets I’m keeping, truth no-one will find
Turmoil I’m reaping, the secrets I’m keeping
The sand we’re grasping, we built this castle on
Someday I will leave this all behind
And I feel like it

Liar, on just another way of setting things on fire
Any other day, I’d walk away

And I know it’s hard to see, but I’m burning up inside
I’m drowning the exit light, we’re in for a long ride
But I still stand naive, with a trunk full of belief
And nothing left to say, nothing more than I feel like it

Liar, on just another way of setting things on fire
Is there a better way to break a stone desire, to deny her
By setting things on fire

And maybe there will come a day
Maybe there’s a price to pay
Maybe there’s another way

Spinning Around

Gotta stop my head from spinning around
Gotta keep myself together
I’ve gotta stop this thing here
Gotta keep myself from going down
Can’t even tell now whether

If it’s night or if it’s day, I can’t say
If it’s fake or if it’s real, the only way to feel is
To stop right here and to let you out
‘Cause I can’t even tell what we’re talking about

All these things that I should be doing
They pile up
I bite off just what I can chew and I swallow it
In this make-believe, where the walls come down
I can’t even tell what we once were about

Don’t you just don’t say nothing
Don’t you just just don’t care
Don’t you just act so toughened
‘Cause that won’t get us anywhere

Soothe Your Soul

To soothe your soul, to wander free
Going back on the days
Eight years old and carelessly

To soothe your soul, the chords untied
Echoes the light behind
The doors you never tried

I’ll follow you, I’ll follow through

To soothe your soul, and coincide
To keep our composure on this
Rollercoaster ride

A reason bigger than beautiful

Stay Close

Sometimes in my dreams
When she walks out on me
Makes me believe she’s mistaking
I’m nailed to the ground, I can’t make a sound
I feel my heart pounding and aching
But she’s tough and she’s certain,
While pulling the curtain
She’s telling me my begging is so sad
It’s all too confusing, how can I be losing
the biggest love I ever had

Just stop for a minute
For better and worse was the deal
Just stop for a minute
Let me wake up and touch you for real

Stay close and hold on my heart

I came to believe that love comes as a thief
Capturing your heart overnight
If dreams were a mirror of all things you fear
How would you dare turn off the light?

When I walk through the dark of the night
Light my way
When I’m no longer holding you tight
Find a way to stay close and hold on

Way You Love

love how you love, though I’ve felt how it feels
And it’s there in every corner of my heart
I’m slain in the spirit of your way to love

You can call it just the way you love

I love how you love, know it like the back of my hand
But just when I feel comfortable enough
I’m slain in the spirit of your way to love

It’s not how you speak, or what you do
People spend a lifetime finding out who